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The Park City Autumn Aloft was the brainchild of long-time resident, Gene Moser and a group of local hot air balloon pilots who set out to create the classiest Hot Air Balloon festival in the world.
Their idea was to create a balloon festival that reflected the free-spirited, anything-goes exuberance of Park City; Autumn Aloft was created by these passionate balloonists in the 90's It carried on it's tradition of one of the best balloon festivals in the nation, until 1994, when it was cancelled. It took 20 years to bring it back to Park City, Utah, and it was well worth it!
If you are a long-time Park City resident, you probably remember the Autumn Aloft? It is sure to bring a smile to your face. If you are a newer resident, I’m sure you can imagine the delight…just think of the last time you saw a few Hot Air balloons floating across the horizon. Now, imagine 20+.
Much has changed in the last 30 years; Park City is now a flourishing mountain destination attracting visitors almost year-round, and enthusiastically plays hosts to hundreds of world-class events each year. So why, we’ve asked ourselves, why not bring back Autumn Aloft?